EM-X Gold Sea Salt with Antioxidants 100g
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EM-X Gold Sea Salt contains Many of the Nutrients and Elements Vital for Health.

EM-X Gold Sea Salt contains the same 84 minerals and trace elements found in the human body. EM-X Gold Sea Salt is extracted from the pure waters off Okinawa, Japan, at a depth of 612 metres. The sea salt is then dried in the sun, absorbing the suns energy and then further imbued with the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids found in EM-X Gold Health Drink.

EM-X Gold Sea Salt replaces many of the nutritional trace elements defecient from much of the processed food and naturally grown foods we eat. It is the lack of these nutritional trace elements are the cause of the many of the health problems we experience. Taking as little as 1g, 1/4tsp of EM-X Gold Sea Salt will help to prevent or reverse health conditions, sometimes this will happen quickly or may take a few months.

EM-X Gold Sea Salt may improve many of the bodies functions, including:

  • Controlling water levels within the body, regulating their function.
  • Promoting stable pH balance within cells, includng the brain.
  • Encourages good blood sugar levels.
  • Helps reduce the signs of aging.
  • Promotes good intestinal health.
  • Promotes good vascular health.
  • Reduces cramp.
  • Increases bone strength.
  • Promotes healthy sleep.

EM-X Gold Sea Salt vs Table Salt

EM-X Gold Sea Salt is much better for you than table salt which is very detrimental to health. Both sea salt and table salt are largely madeup of sodium chloride, but table salt is highly processed and has had a large proportion of trace elements removed, thus making it less balanced. Also, you will notice that you do not experience that thirsty feeling with EM-X Gold Sea Salt as you do with ordinary table salt.

Whilst the health benefits of sea salt are well documented, medical advice should always be sought in cases where diagnosis is known and in case of contra-indications, we do not accept responsibity otherwise.


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EM-X Gold Sea Salt with Antioxidants 100g

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